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2023 Dates
April 8, May 13, June 10, September 9, October 14, & November 11

Thank you to our 2022 Participating Locations and Artists!

Reach out to if you would like to participate in the 2023 season. 


November Art Walk
Saturday, november 12, 2022


"Join us for the last Art Walk of 2022 at the Moab Museum! We will be highlighting Block Prints by Everett Ruess, a traveling exhibition from the Utah Department of Arts & Museums featuring block prints of young artist and writer Everett Ruess who disappeared mysteriously near Escalante, UT in 1934 at age 20. His writings and exquisite woodblock prints conveyed his deep appreciation for the natural beauty of canyon country, and this exhibit offers a window into his creative legacy."

The image of Ruess's desk features one of his dramatic prints and also a letter. The image is from the University of Utah J. Willard Marriott Library (please cite when posting).

Max Haimowitz is a photographer based out of Moab, Utah. Once a professional food photographer, he has found his groove traveling and photographing adventure sports and the beautiful landscapes around him.

Moab Bag Co.

Moab Bag Co will feature five artists this November: Greg MacDonald, Emily Klarer, Jess Oldham, Samantha Metzner, and Brian Jensen. Be sure to stop by on Saturday evening to see the show!

Greg MacDonald


Shari Michaud, our November Guest Artist, presents new acrylic paintings that exaggerate, simplify, and dramatize the landscape and it’s flora and fauna , creating whimsical and edgy stories that can be interpreted in different ways.  Also in November, Gallery Moab introduces jewelry by new member Crystal Honour.  Her dainty creations use small gauge wire and petite stones.


Tom Till Gallery is ready for Fall and the amazing colors that it brings!  Please come say hello and enjoy the beauty of Tom's images from Moab and around the world. Visit during ArtWalk and enter our free raffle to win a Tom Till 12x18 metal print!


See you there or visit us on-line at


Ingrid Payne

Ingrid was born near the iconic redwoods of California, where her love for nature and art first began. After living in La Honda for a couple years, her parents decided to pack up all their belongings and travel around the country in an RV. She went from state to state, stopping at national and state parks along the way. When they were ready to settle down, she and her parents found that they always came back to Moab. Since moving here in 2012 she's been able to really focus on her passion for art  and be inspired by the beautiful red rocks that surround Moab.

In my pieces I wanted to show the presence of nature reemerging in my life since moving to Moab, and the friends and experiences I've had in the past couple years that have contributed to my personal growth. In some of my pieces you will see how I grew up around nature through portraits of myself and my family, but lost my connection to it in challenging times that I went through entering high school. Reconnecting with it was a grounding

experience that inspired me to create art

and ultimately gain trust and confidence in

myself. My second set of work is meant to

visually represent the feelings that I have

surrounding myself, my friends, and my

experiences so far this year. These pieces

are meant to be especially happy and warm,

as they're showing the outcome of self love and creative exploration that I've culminated through the challenges I've encountered.

Ingrid Payne

Lillian Scott

Lillian Scott

Lillian is a firm disbeliever in personal limitations, and that especially applies to her art.  Diversified subject matter is important to her as she explores the complexities of different mediums, subject matter, and perspectives.  From childhood television characters to sunlit mountain meadows, from objects of daily life to illustrations of friendship, Lilli enjoys creating concepts of intrigue, interest, and beauty wherever she looks.

I was raised on 60's and 70's television, and the iconic (to many outside of my generation) characters of those decades provide great subject matter to explore.  Illustrating these nostalgic faces brings me joy, and I hope they remind you of simple days of classic television, imbued with some solid humor. After all, what is art if it doesn't make you smile?


The rest of the exhibit is composed of pieces I created over the last few years with the help and guidance of Moab's amazing art teachers. My creative journey started in elementary school with Bruce Hucko, who kindled my artistic passion and taught me how dang cool it is to be able to do this stuff! Since then, my growth has been exponential as I began working with Grand County High's Catherine Moore and Christa Green, two accomplished and truly wonderful educators that have cemented art into my life. I could not be more grateful for the strong creative support system I've been blessed with growing up in Moab - these individuals have made me who I am and taught me lessons I'll expand on for the continuity of my life.

Live Music featuring Poeina and Daniel Foster Smith will be performed during the evening of the November ArtWalk.


Poeina is a multimedia performance and recording artist from Los Angeles, CA who recently relocated to Ogden, UT.  Local artist Daniel Foster Smith from the SLC area will be joining Poeina in a collaborative musical set featuring original music from both artists.  The music you will be hearing at the event will be a blend of Americana, alternative folk, with some pop sensibilities woven through the set.  Tune into Poeina Radio on Spotify, ITunes or Youtube or go to for more information

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