April 9, May 14, June 11, September 10, October 8, & November 12



May Art Walk
Saturday May 14, 2022


The Museum is excited to highlight a temporary exhibition of quilts from the Delicate Stitchers Quilting Guild.  This year's quilting challenge, entitled "Lotsa Dots," invited local quilters to make quilts containing at least 50%  polka-dot material. Join members of the Delicate Stitchers at the Moab Museum during the May ArtWalk to hear firsthand about the creative process and view the remarkable artistry and craft of local quilters. 

The Boys on the Block

Marian Eason


Patty Walker

Moab Bag Co.

& Suzy B. Designs

Suzy B. Designs studio will be open to the public on the evening of ArtWalk. Come and check out her jewelry designs and ask questions about her process. 


JC Borders, Guest Artist and long-time Moab Resident, exhibits his masterful landscape pastels, known for their light and shadow and sense of depth. He combines many soft pastels and pastel pencils on black sanded paper to achieve the light and color of his subject.


Also featured is the work of our newest gallery member, Dustin Hardgrove. His plein air landscapes, richly painted with thick paint, have a strong sense of place and light, some incorporating human figures in dramatic settings on and near rock walls. 

JC Borders

Dustin Hardgrove


Tom Till Gallery is ready for Spring and we can't wait to show of our new photography display! Please come say hello and enjoy the beauty of Tom's images from Moab and around the world. Visit during ArtWalk for a complimentary gift and raffle entry to win a Tom Till print. See you there or visit us online at

Claret Cup Cactus

Local oil painter Andy Savarese has been painting Southern Utah since arriving on the Navajo Reservation to work in 1994. While there, he gained an appreciation for the region, its people, and its unspoiled beauty. Andy late moved to Bluff and then eventually to Moab.

Andy's inspiration is everything he sees and experiences and has seen and experienced for more than half a century. He draws further inspiration from his wife and 3 artist children, from whom he continues to learn.

Indian Paintbrush

Lower Courthouse Wash

Grand County Utah


Pine Bones | Grounding 

Grounding is a compilation of mixed media works, bones, feathers, and other found natural ephemera created and gathered by Moab-based illustrator Pine Bones.

The displayed works and objects are the result of extreme isolation created by the pandemic, during which time the artist delved completely into their creative work. Images such as moons, bones, feathers, stones and wildlife are recurring motifs within their works. Many of the objects are based on ones the artist has gathered themself. Incorporating these objects into their personal illustrations, they create a dialogue between themself and the natural spaces they encountered, dwelled in, or called home between March 2020 and April 2022.

April Art Walk
Saturday April 9, 2022


For the April Art Walk, the Moab Museum highlights a temporary exhibition from the Seekhaven Family Crisis and Resource Center in recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Using mixed media and survivor stories, this temporary exhibition curated by Seekhaven provides insights and resources for the Moab community on the issue of sexual assault. A sequel to their October 2021 popup exhibit entitled "Mourn, Celebrate, Connect" in recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, this display takes on real issues facing Moab and beyond.

Seekhaven's exhibition will be a sequel to their October 2021 pop-up exhibit "Mourn, Celebrate, Connect," pictured here.


ArtWalk-ers will be treated to the playful acrylic paintings of Guest Artist Louise Seiler, where cats, toads, rabbits, and coyotes perform tongue-in-check scenarios. 

In addition, Nick Eason's masterfully carved wooden birds will also be featured, including a display of his carving tools. 

Louise Seiler

Cardon Cats by Louise Seiler.jpg
N.Eason_Wooden Bird.jpg

Nick Eason


Tom Till Gallery is ready for SPRING and we can't wait to show off our new photography display! Please come say hello and enjoy the beauty of Tom's images from Moab and around the world. Visit during ArtWalk for a complimentary gift and raffle entry to win a Tom Till print! 

See you soon!

You can also visit online at

Tom Till_April ArtWalk

Amy DiMare cutes out the most interesting parts of her landscape and travel photos and puts them together in 3D collages. 

These "Imaginary Landscapes" are about creating places that no one has been to but feel like home at the same time. 



Our solar system, the Milky Way, and the cosmos beyond have inspired humans for millennia. Dark skies are critical to functioning ecological rhythms, including human sleep patterns, bird migration, and nocturnal animal behavior. Working to keep our skies dark and the stars bright is about more efficient and effective lighting. The City of Moab is in the final stages of becoming an International Dark Skies Community, and welcomes you to consider the importance of our incredible dark skies through art.


Ode to the Stars features the work of 16 artists and is presented by Moab Arts in partnership with the City of Moab Sustainability Department.