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Arty Farty Summer Camp


Arty Farty is back and better than ever with cool crafts, water games, and challenging activities.
Join us for three weeks in July, 9am-3pm Monday-Friday.

Art rules, summer boredom drools!

This year, we have three new camp themes:

Week 1 - Time Travelers
This week, your child will travel back in time and even into the future during this session focused on history. Art projects and games will explore the time of the Caveman, Ancient Greece, Cowboys and more!

Week 2 - Secret Garden
Campers will visually celebrate nature as well as get their hands dirty in this week exploring the great outdoors and healthy food habits.

Week 3 - Mad Scientists
This week is all about experimentation, building, and inventing. We will build forts, invent new games, and create some unique visual pieces.


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Check out the new sculptures! installed October, 2018