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Jess Hough

Jess is a part-time artist living full-time in Moab. For the past few years she’s been working on developing cheap, accessible methods for at-home intaglio printmaking with DIY art supplies and tools made from reclaimed/recycled materials.

Jess is an artist and carpenter. She brought her wonky printmaking setup outside last year as the 2023 community artist in the parks, making new projects inspired by the southeast Utah landscape and giving demos in our local national parks. This year she's working on developing new recycled papermaking tools to combine with the handmade print process. Intaglio printmaking and related work (press-building, paper-making, making frames, etc) has been her focus for the past couple of years.

Studying art history and historic methods of illustration got her interested in trying these methods for herself, especially the history of reproductions or "mass-produced" images. She is always interested to see how people have leveraged local, available tools and materials to create or modify techniques and styles in art. Jess likes to think she is continuing in that tradition by learning the old techniques and finding ways to incorporate the tools and materials that she has available as a modern artist on a budget.

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Residency Work

Jess Hough_Utah Juniper.jpg
Jess Hough_Intaglio Presses_edited.jpg
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