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2022-2023 Public Art Campaign 

Moab Arts, a municipally funded Arts Center in the City of Moab, facilitates public art projects throughout the year. Six projects were accepted and installed in the Spring of 2023.

COMPLETED PROJECTS during the 2022/2023 YEAR:

  • Dinosaur Themed Planter Mosaic at the Moab Arts Building by Scott Brunmeier

  • White Lined Sphynx Moth Mural by Ingrid Payne in the Moab Arts Building

  • Rainbow Crosswalk by Bitsy Tatera at the Intersection of 400 North and 500 West

  • River Otter Mural by Pine Bones at the intersection of HWY 191and HWY 128 on the South Restroom 

  • Fairy Shrimp and Trilobites Painted Piano by Scott Brunmeier at The Moab Information Center

  • Mural at the Moab Charter School on 300 S

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2022-2023 Public Art Review Criteria

CALL TYPE: Public Art Proposals

Funding Available: $12,500


  • Community Fit - popularity of project, will the Moab community enjoy the work, can it be in a space where the majority of the community and tourists will be able to view the work

  • Unique Project - filling a gap in the community public art collection 

  • Project Lifespan - how long will it last with minimal upkeep

  • Able to Accommodate - Is it doable for Moab Arts to facilitate the project (scope locations, prepare contracts, facilitate street closure if necessary, installation preparation) 

  • Doable in Timeframe - is the project at a scale that the artist will be able to complete in the given timeframe, will materials be available in time, etc. 

  • Skills and Experience of the Artist - will the public art project be a quality piece to add to the collection in Moab


Each category is scored 1-5 and the average score helps us to the initial ranking of the projects. Once they are scored and ranked, we compare them to the available budget. Last year we wanted to be able to fund 4-6 projects.


Works completed by mid-June 2023

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 435-259-6272

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