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Tom Hansell makes films and sculpture that explore relationships between energy, community, and nature. His artistic practice is deeply collaborative and highlights hidden connections between local ecosystems and the human cultures who inhabit these places. Repurposed materials and collaborative image making are increasingly important elements of his work as he experiments with ways to transform waste into visions that inspire others. Recently, he collaborated with rural communities to create a multimedia project that explores human interactions with freshwater ecosystems from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Ohio River. He hopes that his projects can help build bridges that bring people together to celebrate common bonds, discuss differences, and shape sustainable cultures and communities.

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Building on past work with tourism-focused communities in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Tom held three public filmmaking workshops at Moab Arts where he worked alongside residents to create a set of short films that were projected onto a large screen constructed from recycled and upcycled materials. Participants contributed images, clips, and audio that Tom then arranged and edited, together titled Moab Waste Stream.


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