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"Typewriter" by Sallie Hodges

This photograph is one of a set of original Tintypes made for the 50th Anniversary of ‘Desert
Solitaire’, a book by Edward Abbey. It depicts the typewriter he used when writing, one of his
most notorious and well known books is ‘The Monkey Wrench Gang’ first published in 1975.


Title: Typewriter

Medium: Photography

Dimensions: 30" x 24"

Artist: Sallie Hodges


Artist Statement: Oddity, born into a British conservative rural farming family. Left school at 15 with noqualifications, expectations were simple, work, get married and have kids. Instead, I flirted withdrugs, questioned every boundary and escaped. Ambition, being queer, and having an enquiringmind led me to the University of Westminster, London where I gained an upper second class BAhonours degree in 'Film Video & Photographic Arts’.


In 1992 I started working on feature films in various stages of production, and in 93 I was hired byMiramax Films where I worked for ten years in London and then Los Angeles.


2004 saw the dawn of a new era when I moved to Moab, Utah. This is where my creativerehabilitation began.


Photography is, and always will be my passion. Film and story telling is my love, and I recentlycompleted a feature length documentary.

"Typewriter" by Sallie Hodges

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