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"The Little Rainbow Bridge" by Robert Sterry

Title: The Little Rainbow Bridge

Medium: Photography (giclee print in matte)

Dimesions: 16" x 24"

Artist: Robert Sterry


Artist Statement: 

The appearance of arches in nature has always fascinated me, they’re alien and otherworldly, like a portal that could transport you anywhere. They seem to stand in opposition to gravity and the great weight of the stone that composes them. A bastion of defiance of nature and its laws, but created by the perfect interaction of elements and the laws of physics. They have captivated my attention and driven me to capture them in a unique way in my photography.


This shot with Canon EOS R in early 2023. It was the first landscape photograph I’ve ever taken, since before this point I worked mostly in branding and commercial photography. This shot ignited a passion to get out and shoot these incredible places in a unique way, stripping them of color and surrounding elements so as to highlight their spirit.

"The Little Rainbow Bridge" by Robert Sterry

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