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"Seahorse Dance" by Michael Paul

Title: Seahorse Dance

Medium: Digital

Dimensions: 19.5" x 24.5"

Artist: Michael Paul


Artist Statement: Like every artist since time immemorial the Line has captivated me.

From the prehistoric hand holding a chunk of charcoal to the toddler hand gripping a crayon to the master draughtsman with a precision pen, the Line is where art begins.

For most artists the Line is a starting point giving way to forms and color becoming portraits or landscapes allowing..and helping…them to express their love and convey their message.

For me, most of the time, the Line is enough. Straight lines, curved lines working within a blank space is where I am most content. A single line or a symphony of lines allow me and help me to sing my songs and tell my stories.

"Seahorse Dance" by Michael Paul

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