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"La Sals Fantasy" by Miguel Pabon

Title: La Sals Fantasy

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 19" x 25"

Artist: Miguel Pabon


Artist Statement: I am Alejandro. I love to paint. Painting is a passion I’ve been nurturing since my early 30s, when I started to experiment with colors, paints, subjects, and compositions. I found motivation in painting the places I had been visiting in the US Mountain West. In a self-tough manner, I created a workflow that guides me during the painting process. It includes: awe, contemplation, realization, and joy! My compositions are created while I am recreating outdoors. Like many, I am drawn to the openness of nature. I mostly interpret the outdoors in straight lines, with geometry, bold traces, contrasting colors, and many tints, shades, and tones. The result is often art that gives the feeling of warmth or cold, art that reproduces bright days or changing skies, and art that reflects the grandness and contrasts that one experiences in open lands. Ultimately, my intention is to convey the beauty of Utah landscapes and beyond, in a colorful, playful, and contemporary format while enjoying the process of drawing and painting.

"La Sals Fantasy" by Miguel Pabon

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