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"Bright Crown" by Samantha Zim

Title: Bright Crown

Medium: Watercolor

Dimensions: 37" x 18.5"

Artist: Samantha Zim


Artist Statement: Samantha Zim is a watercolorist and illustrator who found her way to landscape artwork via the chaotic flow of canyon country, leading her to develop an impressionistic style that celebrates the expressive nature of the red desert. Samantha's creative process is rooted in relationship to place, and she prefers to portray landscapes in which she has spent significant time. Her landscape work draws inspiration from comic style line art, shin-hanga woodblocks and traditional pen and ink drawing. Samantha's background is in medical and scientific illustration, and she continues to work professionally in that field. Samantha was the 2020 Artist in the Parks for the Southeast Utah Group of National Parks.

"Bright Crown" by Samantha Zim

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