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5 p.m.-8 p.m.
2024 Dates:
March 1, May 3, August 2, & November 1

March art Walk
Friday, march 1, 2024

Featured Artist  - Gretchen Goldsmith

Gretchen is a full-time Moab Artist and Artsyologist, her artworks are fueled by her collecting all things desert!!

"I study, admire, investigate, curate, orchestrate and create art pieces made from found items (artifacts) of geologic, nature-made and human-made origins. I call these collectables 'Trail Treasures'"

Her current series, Nature Narratives: 3D Assemblages (assembled collages), were born from her participation in the University of Utah, Moab, Women Welding Workshop. Subsequently, her works are fastened together using hot cold welding techniques.


Ceramic Sculptor, Gee Wirt, will display her work in our Guest Artist spot for the month of March.  Gee uses coiling technique to hand build her extraordinary figurative sculptures made with low fire stoneware clay. In addition, her use of metallic glazes with rusty accents give the sculpture an almost ancient quality.  Gee has wandered the world and brought a variety of cultural influences with her. Don't miss her show of imaginative and playful ceramic sculpture. Gallery Moab will also have a demonstration of intaglio printmaking by Jess Hough using her handcrafted press.

Join Moab Museum staff for three fun-filled craft nights this winter! Add color and creativity to the winter months with an art project rooted in the Moab Museum’s Collections.


Make your own Zines:  Preserving and sharing stories is at the heart of what museums do – and it’s lots of fun for all of us! Join us at the Moab Museum to create a ‘zine’ telling your story. Zines are homemade mini magazines – collaged, drawn, or otherwise crafted to tell a story. We will have several locally published magazines and publications from our archives to serve as inspiration.


FREE admission via ART WALK!

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Join us on for a building-wide showing of the Library’s permanent art collection spanning numerous formats and styles.

The Grand County Public Library’s permanent art collection includes over 50 pieces from local and regional artists such as Tom Till, Chad Niehaus, Mick Kaniecki, Gail VanSlyke, Tim Morse, Ekaterina Tatarovich, Nick Eason, Steve Mulligan and many others.

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Show information coming soon

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Featured Artist - Tim J Morse

Family roots drew Tim to Moab, Utah where he found construction work and began to create studio and plein air landscape paintings of the area. He infiltrated the local music scene, played with one of Moab's favorite bands, The Desert Dance Kings and did solo and duet gigs entertaining tourists on Colorado River trips. With time and lots of practical experience, Tim became handy with watercolors and oils. He began to sell his paintings around Moab and taught painting classes at Moab's Art Center. He opened The Overlook Gallery in Moab and has worked with several art galleries and art organizations in Utah and Arizona.


Over the years, Tim would occasionally pass through the

town of Helper, Utah. He was attracted to the historic

downtown architecture. He got wind of a cultural shift

happening and became acquainted with some of the

artists who had set up shop there. In 2019 he rented a

space and made the move. He was welcomed into Helper's

art community and was invited by Steven Lee Adams to set

up a studio space and art display in Steve's large gallery in

the old J C Penney building on Helper's Main Street.  Art

interested visitors are encouraged to stop by Steven Lee

Adams Fine Arts to experience the impressive gallery space

and to view Steve Adam's and Tim Morse's artwork.


Featured Artist - Jan M. Rastall

Jan has been drawing in her travel journals since 1981 when she hitch-hiked across New Zealand’s North and South Islands to backpack through most of its National Parks. In the summer of 2022, she thru-hiked the 486-mile Colorado Trail, in forty-one days. She carried a sketchbook, pens, and watercolors to record her experience in daily entries. Jan lived most of her life in Colorado before re-locating to Moab in 2021 to live near her grandson.


Show Statement: My work is about reverence and joy – in the mystery and awe of life; in the process of drawing and painting; in each new day and the promise it holds. I was raised with a strong work ethic. Being creative is the way I connect with a Greater Perspective. It roots me in the present. I travel into wild, undeveloped places to be surrounded by the beauty of the natural world.

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