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"Sunrise through the Rocks" by Kaleigh Sanders

Digital Painting


"Sunrise through the Rocks" by Kaleigh Sanders

  • Growing up visiting National Parks, Kaleigh was inspired by nature from a very young age. Kaleigh saw a gap between the junior ranger programs that she loved participating in as a child and the park programming + merchandise targeting adults. It is her hope that her artwork insperes teens her age to spend less time on their phone and more time exploring time outdoors --- disconnecting form a tech-obsesses world and reconnecting with nature and each other. 

    Kaleigh created artwork inspired by her favorite natural spaces to sell stickers, shirts, and other gift items at park stores as well as on her website and ETSY. 10% of all her sales goes directly back to support the parks and is donated to the Conservancy. Her designs support the beauty of National PArks and the deep value she holds for her time outddors as well as her love of art and storytelling. 

    She is currently 15 years old and lives in Scottsdale, where she attends Notre DAme Prepatory and spends most of her time figure skating, creating art and of course planning her next road trip. 

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