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"Notch Peak of the West Desert" by Alejandro

Acrylic on Wood Board 

36" x 48" 

"Notch Peak of the West Desert" by Alejandro

  • I am a molecular biologist working at the U of U and a landscape painter who enjoys very much practicing outdoor sports. In my 30s, I started to experiment with shapes, colors, paints, and media. My motivation was to paint the places I had been visiting while living in the US Mountain West. In a self-tough manner, I created a workflow that, to this day, guides me during the painting process. The workflow includes: inspiration, strategy, completion, and joy! My inspiration comes from the moments I spend practicing outdoor sports. I mostly interpret nature in straight lines, with geometry, bold traces, contrasting colors, and many tints, shades, and tones. The result is often art that gives the feeling of warmth or cold, art that reproduces bright days or changing skies, and art that reflects the grandness and contrasts that one experiences in open lands. I typically employ acrylic colors in my paintings. I paint over wood board, canvas, and paper. I also draw with pencil, which in combination with illustration software often yields digital pieces that realize my vision. Ultimately, my intention is to convey the beauty of Utah landscapes and beyond, in a colorful, playful, and contemporary format while enjoying the process of drawing and painting inspirational moments I experience in the great outdoors.

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