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"No Way Out" by Jason R Goldsmith

Digital Photography on Metal Print

11" 15"

"No Way Out" by Jason R Goldsmith

  • Jason Goldsmith was born and raised in Cheektowaga, New York.
    Subsequently, he has lived in Houston, Texas; Gaithersburg, Maryland; and, currently, Moab, Utah with wife Gretchen.
    Jason has had a passion for photography since getting his first camera 50 years ago. Living in Moab has allowed him to capture some interesting images while on daily hikes through the areas unique terrain. The No Way Out required a several mile hike, scrambling over fallen boulders, and navigating overgrown vegetation to reach a slot canyon that has likely been seen by very few Arches National Park visitors.
    As relatively new locals to Moab, Jason & Gretchen devote substantial time outdoors, as adventure seeking explorers, and respectful pioneers, investigating Moab’s awe inspiring attributes. As avid hikers, they enjoy immersing themselves in the areas vast, glorious, abundant beautiful land, often finding their way into secluded, breathtaking sanctuaries created by Mother Nature.

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