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"Meandering Through Time and Space" by Leanna Usher

Acryclic Paint 

30" x 24" 

"Meandering Through Time and Space" by Leanna Usher

  • "My work transcends limitations. As a multidimensional artist, I've experimented with many different styles and forms of creativity and visual art. This piece you see in front of you is a free-flow of my brain's inner workings. This style allows for
    me to find the intersections of precision and whimsy.
    As a child, I was inspired by psychadelic patterns and fantastical designs. As I've spent more time in Moab, I've realized my paintings often remind me of the curves and swirls of the landscape, while matching the blacks and whites of the
    desert varnishes seen oozing from the stone.
    Overall, I hope this painting invokes your childlike imagination and spurs on inspiration throughout your day!
    You can view more of my work at Thank you!"

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