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"Into the Night" by Thomas D. Conway

Digital Pastel 

12" x 16" 

"Into the Night" by Thomas D. Conway

  • Living in Canyonlands is to live in the surreal. Dali would merely have been a representational artist here. Concomitantly, living in Canyonlands is to live in a state of cognitive dissonance, a day trip, as it were, as one attempts to integrate the discomfort of the sensory overload of the beauty in which one is immersed. The enormity and variability of the landscape constantly causes one to question what is real. Distance has no meaning and time is imputed by eons in the rocks cascading about your senses. Only through art, can one attempt to capture the state of being in and about Moab. Our galleries are the petroglyphs etched hard into canyon walls left by former travelers reaching for an understanding for which we still reach.

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