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"Hidden Valley" by Henry Barker

Medium: Colored Pencil

Dimensions: 12" x 12"

Artist: Henry Barker


Artist Statement: Growing up in central Arkansas, Henry eagerly employed art as an integral mode of self expression, exploring countless methods and media throughout school and into college where he focused on abstract painting and received a BA in fine arts in 2014. He embraced the flow of the unknown and unexpectedly found a new home in the desert of southern Utah in the spring of 2017. Inspired by the magnificence of life and the incredible landscapes all around him, he began creating new art mainly using color pencils, exploring an intriguing balance between representation and abstraction, between human and non-human experience, between tedious control and joyful surrender to the flow of change. He strives to imbue his representations with input from all the senses, and to connect with viewers by inviting them to slow down and enjoy the details they are drawn to, to tune in playfully to their own subjective experiences. This breathes greater complexity and beauty into the life of the art, beyond the frame and beyond the intentions and control of the artist. Henry hopes to encourage a more caring, subtle and celebratory approach to interacting with these delicate yet powerful environments we so love, of the Colorado plateau and beyond.



instagram: @henrybark_r

"Hidden Valley" by Henry Barker

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