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"Hidden Oasis" by Claire Sauvageot

Medium: Photography on metal

Dimensions: 17.25" x 24"

Artist: Claire Sauvageot


Artist Statement: A common theme throughout my photography is the exploration of landscapes, both literal and abstract. Growing up, I was introduced to countless natural landscapes, which included the deserts of the southwest and Mexico, as well as the heights of the Alps and the Rockies. I explored less literal landscapes during my formal education in psychology and neurobiology. There, I was introduced to the human mind and brain as a series of landscapes that could be explored through rigorous scientific methodologies such as molecular biology and microscopy. Through these experiences, I have come to understand the world as a series of vast and miniaturized landscapes, which can be captured from diverse perspectives. With my photography, I seek to explore both extraordinary natural landscapes as well as more 'mundane' landscapes that are so often passed by in the haste of contemporary life, both of which contain spatial and temporal patterns rich in complexity, beauty, and untold tales.

"Hidden Oasis" by Claire Sauvageot

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