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"Eardley Pool" by Kelsey Koprowski

8"x 10"


"Eardley Pool" by Kelsey Koprowski

  • Kelsey Koprowski was raised in Portland, Oregon. She was drawn to art at a young age and honed her skills through various art classes. After completing her studies at the University of Oregon and following a long period of travel, she landed in Moab, Utah. Being a fan of the outdoors, the Southwest provided her with unmatched wilderness access, which she was quick to take advantage of. She began sketching landscapes whenever she went outside, coupling her two passions. Her works are snapshots of moments when she couldn’t break her gaze from a sight. Her process starts with studying a map, choosing a place where the topography lines are tight together. She packs a sketchbook, pens, and a camera. She finds herself attracted to places where the sandstone undulates and stains, where tree trunks are twisted and fibrous, where water and wind have left their mark, and where light and shadows accentuate the textures and depths of surfaces. She captures these scenes with pen or charcoal because contrast is what she seeks most. Choosing to reduce a landscape to black and white, she finds that the process becomes more challenging and interesting. She studies where shadows cast and sun strikes. This necessity pushes her to visually go deeper into the nooks and crannies of her surroundings. Kelsey believes it is important for humans to engage in up-close observation of their surroundings and hopes her work encourages others to go out and take a closer look.

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