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"Chasing Light" by Buzz Williams

Medium: Acrylic

Dimensions: 48" x 60"

Artist: Buzz Williams


Artist Statement: My wife and I moved here to Moab about five years ago. I lived and worked on Nantucket for nearly fifty years and explored many mediums to find a way to share my experiences with others. I think of myself as an abstract expression and that's the form of art I was drawn to in the mid nineties. I work stories into shapes that start a dialogue with me, the viewer, on select pieces of cabinet grade plywood. I'll play the painting with ink, pastels, and acrylics until it asks for a reply from something outside my abilities. It's at just that point that the Mystery presents itself. If I am quick enough to sense its gift, I might take away some thing that could enlarge my life. I paint, write and play the guitar so that my very Being may play with the small gods of grace,,a kind of proof of life for my soul. My paintings hang on my "Tree of Life" and inform me of purpose

"Chasing Light" by Buzz Williams

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