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"Castle in the Clouds" by Scott Rogers


24" x 30" 

"Castle in the Clouds" by Scott Rogers

  • My images are a representation of the living, breathing world. Each frame I capture is a continuation of the life leading into that ephemeral moment. From the diminutive designs of a young cactus flower to the grand landscapes of the Colorado River Basin, I try to capture moments that express my own feelings of awe.
    I’m a visual artist in the mediums of photography, motion film, timelapse and aerial photography. While nothing delights me more than being totally alone and immersed in nature, I’ll often integrate the human element in my images, to evoke both a sense of scale to these incredible landscapes, and to draw us into that moment.
    My work has been featured on the front page of the New York Times, as well as numerous other publications. You can see more of my visual art on my website:

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