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"Bright Thumb" by Samantha Zim


Watercolor, pen and ink

15" x 19 3/8"


"Bright Thumb" by Samantha Zim


    Samantha Zim found her way to landscape artwork via the red desert and passionate community of the Moab Valley. The chaotic flow of canyon country has inspired her to develop a style which celebrates its vibrant, expressive nature and evokes the emotional drama of light that brings the desert to life. She feels her work is most effective when it evokes the feeling of a place, as opposed to its exact likeness. Her creative process is rooted in being outdoors, and she works primarily in sketchbooks that travel easily, using a combination of graphite, watercolor, pen and ink. Samantha's work has been influenced by the bold, fluid lines found in comics; the rigorous attention to detail in scientific and medical art; and the sweeping landscapes of 19th century Japanese ukiyo-e (woodblocks). Samantha was the 2020 Community Artist in the Parks for the National Parks of Southeast Utah.

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