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"3 Happy Cats" by Michael Paul


18" x 24" 

"3 Happy Cats" by Michael Paul

  • I prefer to be considered a creative rather than an artist.
    To me an artist is a creative who has studied art and who works exclusively in one of the specific art disciplines. I’m drawn to 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional and writing efforts as directed by my creative muse. 2-dimensionally I lean toward the poster. 3-dimensionally I construct or sculpt as the materials at hand direct. The writing I do is determined by any number of sources like a comment or question by my young children or the need to express an emotional state. In considering how the world is or how things have come to be I’ve been led to work on a few creation myths. I work digitally and will forever be grateful for the iPad and desktop computers. Professionally, I worked 30 years as a graphic designer in advertising, book publishing and toys and game development and packaging design. As an art director in an advertising group I was able, during down time, to channel my creative needs into designing a few mazes. I determined that the mazes I developed would not only be visual puzzles to be solved but they should be visually interesting as well and not the usual geometric labyrinths most often found. You might say my posters became mazes and my mazes became posters.
    Recently I’ve been faced with new challenges to my creative abilities. My familywelcomed a new member. A Border Collie pup named Lu. Her full name is LuLu Talula Lula Chalula. Coming up with new and interesting ways to keep this intelligent, active dog
    mentally and physically stimulated has been quite an undertaking.

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